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Sheet Vinyl

Welcome to McCurley's National Flooring, your home for top-quality sheet vinyl flooring. Our sheet vinyl is more than just practical; it's a stylish choice that brings beauty and function to any room.

Known for its seamless installation, sheet vinyl is a highly durable flooring solution that prevents water seepage. It convincingly mimics natural materials like wood, stone, and ceramic without high maintenance.

Ideal for high-traffic and spill-prone areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, sheet vinyl boasts a wear-resistant layer that shrugs off scuffs, scratches, and stains.

Our sheet vinyl flooring designs range from modern to traditional, all offering a realistic look that enhances your home's aesthetic. Experience comfort underfoot with sheet vinyl's soft, cushiony feel and enjoy the added insulation and reduced noise levels it provides.

The beauty of sheet vinyl doesn't stop at its looks—its easy maintenance makes it a perfect choice for busy households. Simply clean as needed without any special products or techniques.

Navigate through the sections below to grasp the distinct differences between sheet vinyl flooring. With McCurley's National Flooring, choosing the perfect flooring solution for your home is straightforward and simple. Let us guide you one step closer to your dream home with our superior sheet vinyl flooring.

Fiberglass backed

Fiberglass backed sheet Vinyl.jpg

A highly durable and user-friendly choice, fiberglass-backed sheet vinyl provides superior dimensional stability. It's a preferred option for its resistance to curling, cracking, and it excellently bridges gaps in uneven subfloors, ensuring a smooth, seamless finish.

Felt Backed

Felt-backed sheet vinyl flooring offers a traditional and time-tested option for homeowners. Known for its warm and comfortable underfoot feel, it provides a level of insulation against cold subfloors. While it requires a more skillful installation process with adhesive, its affordability and broad range of designs make it a popular choice.

Felt backed sheet Vinyl.jpg

Wear Layer

The wear layer on sheet vinyl is a critical component that protects your flooring from daily wear and tear. It's a clear, top layer that offers resistance against scratches, stains, and scuffs, ensuring the design layer underneath remains vibrant and unblemished. The thickness of this wear layer directly correlates with the durability and lifespan of your sheet vinyl flooring.

Memory Foam or No Memory Foam?

Sheet vinyl flooring comes in various configurations, including options with or without memory foam in the core. Vinyl with a memory foam core provides exceptional comfort underfoot, dampens noise, and reduces fatigue during prolonged standing periods. On the other hand, vinyl without memory foam retains a firmer feel, offering more direct contact with the subfloor, which can be advantageous in high-traffic areas where absolute durability is required. Both options deliver the resilient, easy-to-clean attributes that make vinyl a popular choice.

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